HR Essentials

With our collaborative approach and access to a vast network of talent, we help you build the right team that drives your company’s growth and prosperity in the Saudi market. Further, we streamline the recruitment process, saving you time and effort while ensuring that you have access to top-tier talent during the business setup phase.
HR Services

Outsourcing HR allows you to focus on your core business activities while ensuring that your HR services are efficiently managed and compliant with regulations. We take care of the employee life cycle and experience, helping align individual and operational goals for the company’s success. Here are some of the HR services that we can manage:

HR Templates
Fit-for-purpose templates help illustrate standard operating procedures, saving time, reducing errors, maintaining consistency, and ensuring compliance with legal and company policies. By providing your team with such templates, you help conserve mental energy to focus on tasks that matter.
Employment Handbook

Having an employment handbook helps establish a clear framework for how the company operates, providing peace of mind and effective management of the workforce. It serves as a vital tool for communicating company expectations and for making employees aware of their rights and responsibilities. This, in turn, protects the rights of both employees and employers, fostering a positive company culture, and a productive work environment, and reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or conflicts.

Payroll and Time Management
This is the management of all aspects of payroll, as well as time management, on your behalf to ensure the accurate payment of salaries and that all requirements around the Wage Protection System are in place and fully compliant with all relevant regulations, avoiding penalties or legal issues. Outsourcing payroll contributes to improved efficiency, compliance, and cost savings for businesses, allowing you to focus on the core objectives while leaving this to the experts.
End of Service and Gratuity Calculations

Performing the end-of-service and gratuity calculations on your behalf ensures that the process is timely, and accurate, and moves to completion with ease for both the employee and the company. We can perform, on your behalf, the calculations in accordance with labor law and as per the terms and conditions of the signed employment contract, ensuring adherence to labor law requirements and avoidance of any legal issues.